Strategic Outsourcing
Are you planning to process your 1098, 1099, 5498, W-2, or
1042-S statements in-house again this year?

Why not put Print2Assist in charge?

Allow Print2Assist to take total responsibility for your information reporting burden and avoid the frustration of peak period processing. Print2Assist offers a complete production and distribution service of the highest quality, based on many years of experience.

Maximize Your Resources

Managing information reporting internally can be an expensive, time-consuming, and a confusing experience for many companies. You have to pull resources from areas where they could be more effectively applied. Plus, it is difficult and costly to stay current on federal and state regulations.

Call on the Information Reporting Experts

Print2Assist has the capabilities to process your data as well as print and image your statements. Each step of the process meets our exacting standards for quality. In short, we have the expertise and resources to meet your information reporting needs.

Benefits of Partnering with Print2Assist

Reputable and Experienced Finishing/Distribution
Compliance Expertise
Project Management CD-ROM
Data Processing
Support Services

Variable Data Imaging

Litho Printing
IRS/SSA Transmitter Services    

Get More for Your Compliance Dollar

Print2Assist knows the market, the regulations, and the technological requirements for timely and accurate processing of your information returns. We work with the expectation of flawless execution and superior quality control. If you would like to learn what Print2Assist could do for your company, call us today.

For more information about Compliance, contact 510.596.8393 or email

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