Once You Go Digital You'll Never Go Back  

Print2Assist DocImage Solutions offers both onsite and offsite scanning solutions that enable companies to greatly reduce the amount of paper documents that need to be stored, archived and retrieved. Print2Assist DocImage Solutions allow documents to be scanned, electronically stored and easily retrieved by any authorized user from their desktop.

  Document Indexing & Scanning - Print2Assist DocImage Solutions converts paper documents into an electronic format ready for easy access and retrieval. Thousands of pages can easily be captured, stored and quickly retrieved allowing many users to simultaneously view them. The source documents can be any size, color or format.
  Document Storage & Management - Print2Assist DocImage Solutions offers diverse document archiving solutions that enable the sharing of electronic information and the automation of documents through their lifecycle. This includes data capture, revisions, searching, sharing, retrieval and retirement.
  Economical Storage and Quick Retrieval - Data can be processed at any frequency and can be stored as digital documents. This will allow documents to be located and used quickly without disruption to normal workflow.
  Electronic Data Conversion - Print2Assist DocImage Solutions receives information electronically from host, mainframe, personal computers and magnetic tape then converts them to various PC-Based formats. Expertise includes print files, ASCII text, IBM AFP, PCL and Metacode.
  Disaster Recovery - Print2Assist DocImage Solutions specializes in solutions and services that will help restore your data in the unlikely event of a disaster. We excel in the conversion of computer-based and hard copy documents to electronic images.
  No More Paper or Microfiche - Print2Assist DocImage Solutions will reduce the time, money and resources spent managing information by replacing paper and microfiche with Internet, intranet, web or CD-ROM storage and retrieval solutions.

If your company is interested in partnering with Print2Assist, you will get a dedicated and caring team of professionals with over 20 years experience. Print2Assist has the resources and expertise to handle all of your document imaging, scanning and archiving needs.

For more information about DocImaging, contact 510.596.8393 or email docimaging@print2assist.com

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