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Technology Driven One-to-One Communications.  

Deliver High-Impact, Personalized and relevant Direct Marketing to your targeted audiences while reducing Workflow and Production Costs with Print2Assist's Market2Me.

Marketing is about delivering your product, service and solutions to specific contacts/prospects to increase revenues. However, the most difficult part is to call attention to your message and then generate interest. A campaign that includes personal, relevant and targeted information that is tailored to an individual will capture curiosity by over 25% versus generic campaigns and increase revenues on average by 32%.

Print2Assist's Market2Me helps your business market with this type of personalization and relevance, leading to increased client relationships and brand trust.

Print2Assist's Market2Me is an exclusive web-based marketing solution that empowers organizations' sales teams, channels, resellers and dealers to quickly and cost-effectively create and launch localized direct mail campaigns on the fly. Leverage your new or existing customer and prospect data to create highly targeted, personalized mailings. Additionally, your business maintains control on marketing standards and identity branding of documents and collateral.

As an online solution, Print2Assist's Market2Me enables your office staff with little technical expertise to:

View and select pre-set document templates to deliver customized 1-1 messaging
Merge a variety of customer data such as contact information, past purchase data, demographically targeted images and more.
Determine the cost, place the order and review estimated delivery time.
Manage client data and collateral anytime, securely through your own branded web portal.
Reduce production time in creating and launching campaigns.

Additionally, Print2Assist has Professional Services consultants available to assist you with any template and graphic design needs you have to utilize the Market2Me Solution. Click here to learn more.

For more information about the Market2Me Solution, contact 510.596.8393 or email


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