Print2Assist, we change the way you give.

Print (prnt) -n. To produce something in printed form by means of a printing press or other reproduction process.

Assist (-sst) -n The activity of contributing to the fulfillment of a need or a furtherance of a need or purpose. An act of giving aid; help.

Who is Print2Assist?
Print2Assist 's corporate mission is to assist companies and organizations reduce time and money spent on business communications. Furthermore, our responsibility is to be an economic, intellectual and social asset to every community we work with.

Consistent with our vision, Print2Assist contributes in a very unique way that allows companies and organizations to purchase product and services from us, knowing that a percentage of every dollar spent with Print2Assist will go directly to the cause or charity of your company's choice.

Print2Assist strives to be the best at everything we do. From the level of quality and service we provide our clients, to the way we assist causes and organizations.

Your contribution can go to causes such as:

bullet Local Schools and
  bullet CASA
(Court Appointed Special Advocates)
bullet Scholarship Funds   bullet National MS Society
bullet Booster Clubs   bullet ALS (Lou Gehrigs Disease)
bullet Sports Programs   bullet Special Olympics
bullet Arts, Music & Extracurricular Activities   bullet Breast Cancer
bullet Cause of your choice   bullet Cause of your choice
bullet Boys and Girls Clubs of America      
bullet YMCA      
bullet Little Wishes      
bullet Youth Athletic Programs      
bullet Little League, Bobby Sox      
bullet Soccer Programs      
bullet AAU      
bullet Cause of your choice      

For more information about our philanthropy program, contact 510.596.8393 or email

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