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Print, Process and Mail
(Electronic Presentment)

Streamline your communications processes with Print2Assist's Print, Process and Mail programs. Print2Assist handles your critical mail projects, data conversion, printing, processing and mailing - all under one secure roof.
You provide the electronic message files, plus your database and we will do the rest. Electronic Presentment can be developed as a part or as a separate function of your statement process by an experienced staff.

Fulfillment Services

Print2Assist has the resources to warehouse and compose your custom kits, whatever the components. Your variably printed documents, marketing and informational materials, promotional specialties and indoor and outdoor signage can be assembled and shipped on demand. We customize your kits on our site and deliver them to your prospect, client or employee, without tying up your labor or space resources. Delegate your fulfillment management to Print2Assist and you can reduce total delivered cost of documents and other essential deliverables, allowing you to manage assets more effectively while enhancing customer service.

Print2Assist handles your ongoing print/process needs. We print, pre-sort and mail your critical business communication documents with variable data. The Print2Assist compliance program includes the print, mail and electronic presentment of W-2, 1099 and year-end statements. We provide custom reporting to assist you in the management of your compliance filings and annual business documents. Through regular reporting, you remain informed yet unencumbered by processing intricacies, while Print2Assist helps you manage your business communications.

Duplication & Digital Printing Programs

Print2Assist offers full service duplication and specializes in digital printing, finishing, fulfillment and distribution. Our complete in-house bindery assures on-time job completion. Our automated back-end system includes bar coded labels, computer connected shipping and fulfillment.

Document Management

Print2Assist systematically decreases document costs associated with the management of inventories and production of enterprise-wide printed material. We evaluate your business processes and forms and then consolidate current forms to eliminate obsolescence and storage costs. We often recommend conversion from preprinted to print-on-demand or electronic documents. We take responsibility for forms inventory control so that you can focus on your core competencies.

Document Management services extend beyond your business forms to the management of any of your business communications, from stationery to your marketing collateral. Print2Assist has the capacity to consolidate, track, reorder, print, warehouse and distribute your company’s documents, shipping full carton or pick and pack to any location.

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