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Is it like pulling teeth every time you have to pull together information to determine whether you're on track with your goals? Struggling to attract and retain donors or customers? Spending more time coordinating work than doing it? Worried about losing the customer or donor database you spent years building? Hesitating to open branch offices or allow employees to telecommute because it seems so complicated? Computer systems feel like time sinks instead of time savers?

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Print2Assist works with organizations who are struggling to compete for customers or donor support while doing more with fewer resources. We assist by helping you intelligently leverage and efficiently manage computer systems.

  Donor/Customer Relationship Management
Make every donor or customer count by consistently staying in touch and providing excellent service.
  Web Site Development and Promotion
Ensure your web site is one of your best sales and service tools.
  Communication Systems
Simplify communication by sharing customer/donor information as well as automating scheduling, task management and sales/service replies.
Go easy on your budget by sharing applications, Internet connections and printers.
  Enterprise Resource Planning
Make informed operational and strategic decisions with instant access to accurate, up-to-the-minute information.
  Security Systems
Protect yourself from viruses, hackers and accidental data loss.
  Branch Office/Telecommuting Systems
Easily add branch offices and telecommuters as well as support road warriors and managers.
  Systems Support
Lower operating costs and focus on what you do best.

If your company partners with Print2Assist, you will work with a dedicated and caring team of professionals with over 20 years experience. Print2Assist has the resources and expertise to handle your computer system needs.

For more information about TechSolutions, contact 510.596.8393 or email techsolutions@print2assist.com

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